Emotions: We Hate Them To Have, But Can’t Live Without

Sometimes it makes me think that if there were no emotions in our lives, what would happen? Yeah, apart from being a boring robot, we may live a life with no pain, no strings attached, and overall a life without any headaches. Right?

Table of Content

  1. An Emotionless World
  2. How To Treat Emotions

An Emotionless World

I mean just think about it. The sheer amount of mental pain we get every time we screw up, it’s all because we can feel. If they don’t exist in the first place, well maybe we may not feel any pain also.

But here comes another contradictory thing, if we feel pain, because of our emotions, then we also feel happiness. (mind= blown)

The fact is emotions are part of our lives and they will always be there in our lives. We take emotions like something that has come from the sky, glorify it and make them overrated.

Then something bad but kind of expected happens. We rant, scream, cry. We question ourselves that why we are feeling (terrible, disgusted, embarrassed, *insert your favorite bad emotions*) But if we think about it, we will find out that emotions are pretty neutral themselves. They naturally don’t tell anything about us, our situations, or anything. They just indicate our mental condition only.

How To Treat Emotions

Treat emotions like pain receptors. If we get hurt physically, our pain receptors get triggered and send information to the brain that something bad has happened and we should look after it quickly. Emotions work exactly like that. If we feel bad because of a certain situation, the “feeling bad” doesn’t necessarily saying anything about us; like we are bad or everyone will laugh at us. It simply says that “hey! Something triggered me. You should give a check in this area.”

If we take this perspective we will see that emotions (mostly bad ones) are not the villain but the unsung heroes, which sometimes indicate the greater problem, so that we can take a look and start healing. But there is another interesting fact. Just like our sensors sometimes get deceived and we feel itchy for no reason, sometimes we feel bad for no reason at all. They are just one of the mysterious but beautiful things of our complex human mind.

So, stop being so hard on your emotions. They are for you, and they love you!

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