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Love: So Beautiful but Haunting Feelings of the World

Whatever I thought was there, she thought differently.”

Barney Stinson (How I met your mother)

We all want to find love so beautiful, that the heart bleeds. When I was watching this episode (season 7, episode 17) I didn’t actually expect this quote, mainly from a guy like Barney, who is a certified sociopath, but when Barney dropped this bomb all of a sudden, it felt like a missile just ripped apart my heart and made me think. It made me ponder about one of the most complex emotions of our reality, Love.

One day, BAM! We experience that moment. It’s that moment where we see a person, and something unusual happens. For some people the time stops, some might find their hearts skipping a beat. Whatever the moment is, we all feel the same emotion, love. All of a sudden you are making future plans with that person. Plan of having a lavish vacation, or a plan of having a future family. Some of us are realist though, but even they love to think of spending time with that person, only two of them.

Reality is a bitch

But then, reality kicks in. Reality is like that annoying jerk of your friend-circle. It has to mess up the fun. It has to pour down water into your sandcastle because now that person is gone. Not because of anything to do with you generally speaking, but because she (or he) doesn’t feel the same as you do. Your find your heart, shattered into pieces.

The Perfect Love

When we think about “love” or “feelings” we tend to think that it is a perfect thing. We love to think that, “we are made for each other”,” the couple is made by the god”, and so on. Sadly, reality doesn’t work as we want as here, nothing is perfect. Even love is not perfect. Because if it is perfect, then there shouldn’t be any divorces, heartbreaks, breakups, and lastly any activities relating to weeping your mushy eyes or even worse, committing suicides.

life goes on

Eventually, you move on, the person moves on. After the hangover of the broken heart, you look into the past and cherish the memories. You are not the weak-willed person anymore who used to think that they can’t live without that person. You then laugh, fall in love again, get heartbroken and the endless loop continues.

Some of us become tired of that. They stop loving, caring, and trusting others.

Some of us just take a break. They just start to enjoy the single life and work on themselves.

Some of us “wait” for the person. Some of us become depressed.

But most of us find “The One”, “The Perfect One”. But that doesn’t mean that that person is perfect. No, they are also imperfect. But we find happiness in their faults.

And that is how we found “A Love So Beautiful”.

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