About Me

Picture of Arnob

 Hi! I am Arnob, or Robert Mark Arnob D’Costa. Pretty large name, eh?! That is why I thought, why not just write it as Arnob or, Arnob58! Welcome to my brain! I love to have discussions about any topic, especially life, people, and philosophy. For me, every human is an open book, a new story. One day I was thinking that why not share my thoughts with other people. That’s how my journey in blogging started.

What is with the “58”?

So, 58 was my college roll number. I have so many good memories of my college life, that whenever I see or hear 58, I immediately just remember those good ol’ days. So in one sense, 58 has become an integreted part of my identity.

I might not have used 58 in here, but I thought that just calling it Arnob seems so bland and empty. A number might spice things up. But which number? Why not use 58 with it? So, hence Arnob58 got his names.